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  Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 09:12 pm

Little Red Riding Hood - Untold Ending
(pen,marker & digital stuff)

This illo was made specially for the 3,000 post of The Red Project —you know,my silly Tumblr blog where I keep collecting and curating things about Little Red Riding Hood.
Honestly,I never imagined to reach that number.Wonder if it's time I need a new hobby to distract me from this other hobby or something.

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  Friday, February 25th, 2011 10:15 am

↓ A few days ago this photo of Spider-man riding an ostrich showed up on Tumblr's Radar.
Spider-man & ostrich

This is the kind of things that current comic books are always missing —the fun of being a superhero and being able to do everything and whatever in a literally way.Anyway,since Peter Parker has never had a pet (I think he had a puppy on the Sunday newspaper strips but I'm not very sure) it's cool that his first one could be an ostrich.I mean,he already fights regularly a Rhino,a Lizard,a Vulture,a hunter dressed as a lion and a scientist with octupus arms,so trust me,an ostrich fits perfectly.

Because the idea is simply great I had to make my own version:
Spider-man & Spider-ostrich
(water brush,technical pen and digital stuff —Spider-man ™ & © Marvel Characters Inc.)

...but that wasn't enough and I made a full cover!Collapse )

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  Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 04:14 pm

El Naco Asesino
(brush & technical pen)

It all began with a game of Dungeons & Dragons...it was rather boring so no one was into character and more into poking fun at each other.A friend was playing as a knight with a magic sword but was acting more like a maniac killer from an 80s' slasher film.Carlo Angie,another friend,started calling him 'El naco asesino y su machete sagrado' (The killing naco and his sacred machete).It sounded really funny and then someone said 'What if El Naco Asesino was a genuine comic book character?'
And so El Naco Asesino (with his loyal sidekick Macuarrito) was born.But instead of a psycho knight he became a Mexican vigilante.More exactly,the Mexican parody version of Batman —and Daredevil and Azrael and The Punisher and Conan The Barbarian.Carlo Angie wrote some ideas and I drew them.Nothing big,there were only a few pages and gags that made it into Xerox fanzines and that was all.

Unfortunately,Carlo Angie died some years ago.But I'm still alive so that means that El Naco Asesino can also still be alive —as far as a fictional character can be,of course.And posted here,is an updated version of the origin story —or at least the short version because the full origin includes the moment when a gas container landed on El Naco's head,and then he went to Catemaco to retrieve his sacred machete from the hands of a mad nuclear scientist (hey,I said it was a parody version!)

Click and read the story behind the cut.Sorry folks,this one is in untranslatable Mexican Spanish.You can still look at the silly pictures though.Collapse )
PS.-In case you're wondering what the heck is a naco you can look that up on wikipedia.Still,the naco concept on Mexican culture is much more complex and hard to explain because in the end,all and every Mexican is a little naco on the inside.

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  Thursday, February 10th, 2011 09:51 pm

E.P. Phone Home

E.P. Phone Home by Kate Micucci.
Kate Micucci is still the greatest and cutest.The only flaw I found in her new EP is that it's just an EP...a whole album would have been perfect.Anyway,the 6 songs included are enough to make anyone smile,dream and renew their faith on humanity.The songs are mostly about little things but hey,those are the ones that make living worthy,aren't they?
Waste no more time and go get a copy of this EP.You won't regret it.

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  Thursday, February 10th, 2011 03:28 pm

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog
(brush pen and digital post-production)

ENGLISH.- Guess what? Because I needed a digital font with accents and special characters,I took my handwriting and created a font with it.
Now,I thought that perhaps some others could also find it useful.And there's the additional fact that in the last years I've been using lots of freeware and free content from the web.So those are more than good reasons for sharing and giving away the font for free.

Yeah,free.Gratis.No cost and all freedom to use it.

It's my first atempt at creating fonts and my handwriting is perhaps a bit imperfect to begin with but hey,if you like it,go ahead,download it and have fun.And if you do find it useful,don't forget to let me know so I'll know if I should keep creating fonts or not.

Right-click and download it right here.

ESPAÑOL.- Adivina qué.Dado que necesitaba una fuente tipográfica con acentos y signos especiales,agarré mi letra a mano e hice una fuente digital con la misma.
Ahora bien,se me ocurrió que quizás alguien más podría también encontrarla útil.Añadámosle el hecho de que en los últimos años he estado usando montones de freeware y contenidos gratuitos en la web..Así que esas son razones más que buenas para compartir y ofrecer la fuente de modo gratuito.

Sí,gratis.De a grapa.Sin costo y con toda libertad de uso.

Es mi primer intento creando fuentes y mi letra a mano es de antemano un poco imperfecta por principio de cuentas pero,vale pues,si te gusta,adelante,descárgala y diviértete.Y si te resulta de utilidad no olvides hacérmelo saber para ver si me animo a seguir o no creando fuentes.

Dale click derecho y descárgale justo aquí.

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  Soundtrack: Habitual Inmate - The Bastard Fairies  

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  Monday, February 7th, 2011 04:39 pm

(brush & digital stuff —Automan © 20th Century Fox Film Corporation)

I wasn't looking forward to Tron Legacy,since the original movie actually made me asleep when I was younger and cuter.While watching the movie I kept thinking that The Matrix was a better sequel/remake/whatever if you think about worlds inside computers.Then I also remembered that Tron already had another unofficial sequel using costumes with bright lights and more action:Automan.Now,if something needs a remake/sequel/whatever,that TV series is.I mean,that series was okay for its time but no one can deny that it was poor executed in many aspects so there's a good reason to make it all over again and make it right this time —hey,isn't that supposed to be the point of remakes after all?

Anyway,I felt in the mood of redesigning Automan so here it is ↑
But what's Automan without a suit made of an animated texture? Fortunately,current HTML & CSS technology can be used for that —behind the cut,there're some experiments I made:
Disclaimer:before you click,know that some of the following images use transparent PNGs —which look awful on IE.I've included a few using GIFs so you don't miss all the fun,but if you want to look at everything please use any other browser not created by Microsoft.Thanks!Collapse )

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  Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 10:14 am

Rabbit Year
(technical pen,brush and digital stuff)

Happy New Year! It's the 1st day of the tiger month on Chinese calendar so that means it's year 4708,the year of the White (Metal) Rabbit (or cat,if you're in Vietnam).

Chinese folklore describe rabbit as related to yin forces.A gentle,affectionate and shy creature,the rabbit has no conflicts with any other animals —except the chicken.As everyone knows,rabbits are good at multiplying and so rabbit years are described as very fertile ones.However,they don't bring huge prosperity at all because rabbits are more on the gentle and silent side of things (in luck matters,basically it means that most everyone should expect to have the same luck they had the previous year).The main characteristic of rabbit years is that they're peaceful and so they're best for relaxing and getting in touch with family,friends and inner nature.

Hope that this year of the rabbit brings you some good fortune and prosperity!

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  Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 10:26 pm

(technical pen & brush —The Perhapanauts © Todd Dezago & Craig Rousseau)

Over at the Perhapablog Todd Dezago had the idea of doing an art challenge.The concept was recreating classic comic book covers featuring the characters from the Perhapanauts series.And yup,you guessed right,I had to draw something.So I made a version of Amazing Spider-man Annual #21 (best known as the now out of continuity wedding issue).
Posted here is the lineart —the final colored image is already posted over there.

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  Sunday, January 30th, 2011 03:13 pm

Pink Panther
(technical pen & digital stuff)

This started as a phone doodle —I'm not sure but I think I was talking with a cousin about sushi bars.While scanning it,suddenly I thought about coloring it in pink.And so it became some sort of a Pink Panther tribute...not the cartoon character exactly but the abstract idea behind Blake Edward's movie.Or something like that.

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  Thursday, January 20th, 2011 10:16 am

Glad To See You
(paperless image)

A new experiment of illustration based upon a real model (need the practice cause I still suck at likeness,y'know).
Depicted here is the gal known as GladToSeeYou,and she's the creative curator behind Yeah I'm Afraid Of Sharks But Not The Dark.It's a swell Tumblr blog featuring classic cinema,vintage fashion and a little inspiring randomness to spice things up.Really,you should go visit —you won't regret it.

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