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In brightest day,in blackest night,no evil shall escape my sight...

Okay,a couple of years ago DC Comics published this storyline titled Sinestro Corps War.There were the Green Lantern Corps so it was fun seeing that now there existed the Sinestro Corps —basicly,Yellow Lantern Corps.It was a good read if you like explosions,punches and men,women and aliens running around in spandex.
But then it was said that there would be more characters using power rings with different colors,and each color would be a new corporation of heroes and villains.More exactly,there would be a color per each color of the rainbow.

Many comics fans are getting very excited about that and how it's going to end.
But I guess that very probably,I'm the only one that expects something like this as the only logical ending to all that sillyness:
Green Lantern,Red Lantern,Yellow Lantern...
(technical pens and digital post-production)

Yup,Sentai Corps.With a White Lantern as their source of power.

Now I don't know if I read too much comic books nor watch too much Japanese movies
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