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¡Santo! ¡Santo! ¡Santo!

Santo vs los Parásitos
(marker and a lot of photoshop stuff)

Today's is/was the 25th anniversary of El Santo's death.And since I grew up watching his movies and wanting to be like him,well,the least I could do was drawing a little homage piece.

Why the Alien? Well,because many people remember him fighting against vampires,werewolves and the Frankenstein monster in his movies,but they usually miss the point that he was actually fighting against the Universal monsters ®.Okay,some facsimiles actually,but that was the original idea.Keeping the same logic,if El Santo were still alive in this century,his movies would be featuring movie monsters from the '80s.My first idea was using Chucky from the Child's Play franchise,but in the end I choose the Alien because it fitted best the sci-fi element used in Santo's movies.
Tags: celebs, fan-art, movies never made, superheroes

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