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Happy New Year!

Ox Year
(brush and digital stuff)

Happy New Year! There's a new moon,and as the Chinese calendar says,with it comes the year 4706,the year of the Brown (Earth/Soil) Carabao (or water buffalo or ox,depending on the translation).

In Chinese folklore,the water buffalo is sign governed by the earth element.Obviously,water buffalos represent strength,but they are also the embodiment of patience,endurance and discipline.They are said to be the most balanced animals in the Chinese zodiac.Because of these characteristics,these bovine animals are appreciated as a sign of the prosperity obtained through hard work.Ox years are said to be good ones for achieving big plans if you stay serene,hold firm your beliefs and if you're willing to fight for them.

May this year of the ox/carabao/water buffalo be lucky and prosperous for all of you out there!
Tags: animals, girls, greeting cards

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