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Essential Tales Of The Zombie

Tales Of The Zombie

Essential Tales Of The Zombie by a lot of people.
«The face of death —sallow,withered flesh pulled tight about decaying bones...coarse,brittle,cracking skin through which no blood flows. (...) It is your face —the ruined visage of Simon Garth,The Man Without a Soul...THE ZOMBIE»
I got this big book (over 500 pages!) as a Halloween gift,and I've been reading it since then,every night before going to sleep.This volume is numbered as #1,but it really has no continuation,as it reprints the whole Tales Of The Zombie series,plus a couple of extra stories related to the main character.
Besides the great black & white art by John Buscema,Pablo Marcos,Alfredo Alcala,Mike Kaluta and many others,I liked the stories included,which are about zombies.Not the over-exposed,flesh-eating ghouls kind,but the mindless and unstopable ones from the original voodo lore.The main feature is about Simon Garth,a selfish bussinessman whom gets transformed into a zombie,controlled by whoever holds a mystical amulet.The rest of the book includes a lot of short horror stories,mostly about voodoo and avenging living deads.There are also some articles about classic zombie movies,with many photos.
My only complaint is,the original painted covers are reprinted in black and white —a shame,as many of them were done by Boris Vallejo.But that's a minor detail,because the book is a great reading,specially if you like creepy —and tragic— tales.
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