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Trick or Treat!

(pencil and digital color)

It's that time of the year again.It's a good moment for doing mischief —be it children roaming the streets at night,women dressing like hookers,watching goofy cartoons and horror movies,decorating a tree with lights and crystal spheres or protesting "Bah! Humbug!" and waiting for the ghosts of past,future,present perfect and present continuous tenses...or something like that,maybe I'm a bit confused with all those emo kids overexposing The Nightmare Before Christmas movie all year long,and shops selling Xmas along with Halloween candy since September.Whatever.

Last year I posted an Irish blessing.Rather than repeat that again,for this year here's a custom virtual mixtape with Halloween music —hope you like it

Mixtape from favtape.com/everyueveryme/Halloween Sounds '08

Have a fun and safe night —and remember to brush your teeth after eating all the candy.
Happy Halloween!
O'Lantern Bros. Halloween '08
(brush and digital color)
Tags: double feature, fatalysia, girls, greeting cards, myth

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