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Frankenstein Monster
(marker and digital stuff)

«As we grow up,we are told over and over again that monsters don't really exist.But over and over again,every culture and every person tend to create all kinds of monsters that seem to fit all and every particular needs.And then we wonder,Perhaps do we need monsters to be real? And if so,What secret purpose are they really for? Maybe not stalking us from the shadows but probably distract our attention from the things in every day life that really are scary and inevitable.


As many classic stories clearly show,it is us whom create our own monsters,modeled with the darkness of our most primitive wants and guilt feelings.There's no way to scape from those monsters but fighting them.Only by going deep down into the fathoms of our conscience is how we can face our monsters and get free of them.But it's a very hard task and we must always be very careful.Every quest,no matter how noble it may be,has risks and a price.You should never dare to look inside your souls —unless you're willing to see your inner beasts face to face as if you were in front of a mirror.


Monsters bring suffering and death.It's something they can't stop doing since it's part of their nature.But very often,when compared against the human monsters they stalk,monsters can be noble,magnanimous,kind or even admirable.The vision of our monsters is just a reflex of ourselves,so it's easy to feel sympathy not only for the victim but for the victimizer,too.This,is the true significance of myths and monsters —and only knowing and facing them is how we get to know our true personality and why we transform ourselves in monsters.»
*translated fragments from a radio script about monsters that I wrote some time ago.
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