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Pancho Pantera & Tigre Toño
(technical pen and lotsa digital post-production —Tony The Tiger ® Kellog Co.;Pancho Pantera ® Mead Johnson Nutritionals)

And here we can see Tony the Tiger (better known around this zone as El Tigre Toño) along with Pancho Pantera (his name can be translated as Frank Panther),both with the vintage looks they had around the 1950s and the 1960s.Tony,as sure many of you already know,is the spokesperson (spokescharacter?) of the Frosted Flakes™ cereal.Pancho has a very similar role for the Choco Milk™ cocoa powder.
It's funny how two different sweetened breakfast products decided to use the idea of muscular,savage cats as an indication that they also had vitamins and minerals.That,and the odd detail that it seems that if you were an enthusiast of physical activities in the '50s,you needed a handkerchief around your neck —guess it was something in lieu of the typical superhero cape.
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