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Cherry Darling,Ash Williams & Friends
(brush and digital stuff)

Guess I had the moral duty of drawing some Cherry Darling from quite some time ago,but for one reason or another didn't do it —mostly was a lack of momentum as Planet Terror didn't premiere around here until this year (in fact,I watched the movie on DVD long before than in theatre).
And then,I actually drew this about 2 months ago,but didn't color it until last night.It was odd,considering that this is illo is such a fanboy wet dream,but exactly because of that I needed the right inspiration for finishing this.

Now,I wonder if it could be possible to begin an online petition or a Paypal collect or something,so we can get Rose McGowan,Bruce Campbell,Robert Rodriguez,Danny Elfman and Rob Zombie (for the soundtrack,y'know) and make an actual movie.If Freddy Krueger did met Jason Voorhees,Why not the zombie slayers with the coolest prosthetic limbs of them all?
Tags: celebs, fan-art, girls

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