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Lo! Here comes the Bat-Pachyderm!

So,the other day I was wasting time around FFFFound when I stumbled upon this photo:
Batman on elephant

And then I thought it was weird that in his comics Batman has had a car,an airplane,a helicopter,a boat,a motorbike,a jet pack,a horse and even a tank...everything but the coolest transportation of them all:an elephant.Now,some might say that an elephant is more a pet than a transportation,but then,Batman has had a dog and a gorilla —Why not an elephant?

Of course,I simply had to draw it:
Classic Batman
(brush,technical pen and digital stuff —Batman is © & ™ DC Comics,Inc.)

Just imagine you are a criminal and then you hear this in a dark alley at midnight —you would really be scared of the might of the Dark Knight™ :

Oh,but wait —I even made a cover:
Batman classic comic
Tags: covers, fan-art, superheroes
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