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  Saturday, May 17th, 2008 09:10 pm

Legends Of The DC Universe #14

Legends Of The DC Universe #14 by Mark Evanier,Steve Rude and Bill Reinhold
This issue was made from an unused plot by Jack Kirby for the Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen series,and because of that,the comic was obviously made as a homage.Now,whenever there's a homage to Jack Kirby,people usually focus on his graphic style and forget about his writing and storytelling styles.Fortunately,that's not the case here —the story is a fun read,just like The King used to made them.
A straight-forward tale about villains attacking a city,superheroes showing up,fixing the problems and changing the world a bit so it can be a better place.More superhero comics should be like this.

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  Soundtrack: Forbidden Zone - Oingo Boingo  

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