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Tiempo Fuera || Out Of Time:Behind Scenes

Gulliver Sketches

So,as I announced officially earlier,I have a new comic project.
Here (↑) are some of the preliminary sketches for the design of Gulliver,one of the characters starring the comic.As you can see,I had a clear idea of how his face would look like.Still,he wasn't meant to be in the comic in the fist place.

Originally,the editor-in-chief of Telegenio wanted new features for the kids sections of the magazine.And so I suggested some original comics,since the mag already included a page of news and suggestions about them,and because kids love comics anyway.Now,since the magazine is aimed mostly for parents and teachers (the kids section is just a plus),the comic had to have some didactic content.

And so,I made a first draft:
Out Of Time - 1st Draft

The main influence for the project was the Cantinflas Show animated series.Basicly I took the premise of a character wandering through past ages and meeting historic celebrities in a casual way.And so I drew Paloma,who was meant to be kind of a host/reporter interviewing people from the past about their lives and achievements.Very didactic,but the editor then told me he'd rather publish the comic if it was less biographic and more funny.And he told me it would be best if the host of the comic were an alien character,curious about learning humans.I didn't like that idea at all,because after a few episodes,it would be hard to believe that gimmick and the character's curiosity would seem like chronic dumbness or very slow learning.

And so,I included Gulliver.A little demon with big ears and a single horn.He would do whacky stuff and get in trouble,with Paloma being there as the proverbial voice of reason,and to add more dialogue dynamics.
And the project was greenlighted.The page could have been in color,but with the lots of other things I do so I can eat and pay the rent don't give much time (actually,coloring with the computer is a bit distracting for me —browsers and videogames are a permanent temptation).Screentones are okay,since they are quick to put on the page and allow kind of a manga feel.

The name of the project took a bit longer.In fact,the first page got published as «Eureka!» because I couldn't think of a name original enough.In the end I choose Tiempo Fuera (Time Out),after hearing the phrase while channel surfing (there was a basketball game on the TV).I liked the sound of it as it suggested the time-travelling topic of the comic,and indicated at the same time that it is something out of regular history's timeline.For the English version I choose Out Of Time,because it sounds nice and it's a closer meaning of the title in Spanish,without any sports connotations.

As promised 1 post ago,and for your enjoyment in case you can't read Spanish or get a copy of Revista Telegenio,here,have an English translation.Hope you like it!
Out Of Time 1
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