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Drawing Day 2008/Superman:Man of Style

Superman Alternate Suit
(digital stuff —Superman is © & ™ DC Comics,Inc.)

Drawing Day 2008
And so today is/was Drawing Day.I had plans for this day...but then,a cable company broke a water supply pipe line last Thursday.
Of course,there was a huge leak.And of course,in order of repairing it,the government people had to close all the valves.And because of that,there's been no water in the zone I live in since yesterday in the morning.And because of that,I've been imitating a martial artist apprentice —carrying buckets of water from a nearby cistern.And now,my arms are too tired for drawing anything today.So,I'll cheat and post this image I drew yesterday.
About the illo,I originally made it for Project Rooftop's Superman:Man of Style contest.As some of you out there can guess,I drew it mostly because I still like Superman a lot.

About the plans I had for drawing day,well,I'll be doing them anyways —as if I needed a excuse for drawing,ah?  That'll be,of course,as soon as my arms stop aching and the water supply is back to normal.

PS.-Guess I forgot to mention this around here:thanks to my kind friend suede,I own a FFFFound! account.If you don't know what FFFFound! is,well,it's a web 2.0 site for collecting images found while browsing the web.Lots of eye-candy and easy inspiration,as you may guess.So,if you're interested on the images I've been collecting and see if you find something nice,my account is located at ffffound.com/home/everyueveryme/found (and if you also have and account there,don't forget to let me know so I can take a peek or two).
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