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  Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 03:46 pm

Creature Tech

Creature Tech by Doug TenNapel
After playing the Earthworm Jim games I knew that that Doug TenNapel had whacky ideas,but after reading this book,I realized that the guy is a genius.
There's a zombie mad scientist (with a demonic hand),the Shroud of Turin,a giant space eel,an alien symbiot,a humanoid mantis,lots of rednecks and a hero that not only saves the world but also rediscovers the true meaning of faith.In short,it's the closest thing to a good B-movie on graphic novel form.Lots of fun.
My favorite quote from the book:
«Levi: "Wait 'till you see my head of Christ cinammon bun!"
Levi: "Behold,a miracle from Heaven.Proof if you will,that there is a god! Look,here's a beard, and a crown of thorns. The face of Jesus plain as day! Catholics will love this thing!"
Dr. Ong: "How can you say it looks like Jesus when nobody alive has seen him?! I'd say it looks more like John Lennon"
Levi: "But I gotta sell tickets to my museum and John Lennon ain't bigger than Jesus Christ!"»

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