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Sea Lion T-Shirt (maybe...)

Sea Lion
(collage and design stuff)

This time I didn't draw the image,as it's actually a design exercise.
If you like it,there's a chance of making it available as a T-shirt via DesignByHumans.com.
I know I probably should have mentioned this since I submitted the image to that website,but I was curious about seeing how the design did with no promotion at all —personally I don't like very much online contests based upon users' votes as they usually end up as competitions of popularity rather than talent and skills.
Anyways,if you go (and register) and vote for the design,I'll really appreciate it (thanks in advance if you do so).

In case the design doesn't win any chance of getting printed,very probably I'll try to print it as a shirt anyway via RedBubble or Zazzle or any other online service like that...it'll depend of the votes so I'm leaving up to you out there the decision of the final route for this silly T-shirt image.
Tags: animals, myth, photoshop

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