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  Sunday, August 28th, 2005 08:48 pm

Mask de 41

Mask de 41 by Tenshi Matsumoto.
Greatest Contemporary Lucha Libre Movie Ever! I saw this one on TV some days ago,and I'm still very impressed with it.It's the story of an ex-wrestler whose life is almost ruined completely —his wife hates him,his kids are ashamed of him,he has a lousy job and his only satisfaction is drinking with his old friends on a lousy bar and remember his "glory" days on wrestling (he actually never won a single match in all his career).And then,the fire inside him burns again and he decides to return to wrestling.There are some really cheesy moments but overall is a touching story...and,well,there's the cool fact of featuring Tomorowo Taguchi (Tetsuo The Iron Man) as a masked wrestler

  Status:  amused  
  Soundtrack: Hey Boy,Hey Girl - Chemical Brothers  

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