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Rock and Atom (or is it Astro and Mega?)

Rockman - Tetsuwan Atom
(technical pens and digital stuff —Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atom © & ™ Tezuka Productions;Mega Man/Rockman © &™ Capcom Entertainment,Inc.)

I wonder why no one both in Japan and the U.S. has thought about producing a crossover with the 2 most powerful robot boys.No matter if it's in a manga,an anime movie or a videogame,it surely would be lots of fun coolness.And it would make things go full circle,since Mega Man is clearly influenced by Astro Boy —and then,in the last animated series they even gave Astro an arm cannon like Mega Man's (in lieu of his original but politically incorrect machine guns deployed from his butt).

Oh well,it costs nothing to daydream and draw,isn't it?
Tags: fan-art, superheroes

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