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And super heroes come to feast/To taste the flesh not yet deceased

Mex Heroes

I found this old sketch while doing some spring cleaning yesterday.I originally made it as part of a project for a website that currently no longer exists.The idea was to take the most iconic mexican comic book superheroes and make a tribute story about their last adventure and how came they disappeared from the public eye —no one of these action characters have been published since 1993 or 1995.
The characters' copyrights were not available as they all belong to different companies.And so I drew these redesigns.The project never got made because the website hosting simply expired and never was renewed.

From left to right,the characters are (supposed to be):
Kaliman.A hindu prince.Think Batman without the bat-gadgets but with a more optimistic attitude and with yoga powers that he only used to increase his stamina,cast illusions and fake his own death on every story arc.
Fantomas.Originally based upon the French literary character.Then their comics portrayed him like some sort of James Bond as a modern Robin Hood.
El Santo.Real life luchador (wrestler) that fought gangsters,vampires,werewolves and mad scientists in his spare time.If you like B-movies,chances are you have already seen at least one of his wacky movies.
Chanoc.A smart and strong fisherman that solved crimes and fought wild animals from the jungle.Heavy influenced by Tarzan but also with lots of comedy elements.And soccer sometimes.
El Pantera.An ex-convict (framed for a crime he didn't commit,of course) that learns martial arts in prison and later becomes an undercover police detective.And he solves crimes not because of his smarts but because of pure dumb —and ridiculous— luck.
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