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News & A Tale From The City

Last couple of weeks have been pretty busy around here —unfortunately not much drawing but typing stuff.Situation should improve by tomorrow.
Anyways,I've got a couple of news:
  • Now you can buy Fatalysia online right at the brand new store page.If you still don't own your copies of issues 1 & 2,this is the opportunity you probably were waiting for.Or if you like best,bigredcheese will be at SPACE on March 1-2 in Columbus,Ohio with more copies of the comic.

  • My personal journal used to be a shared account but then LJ decided to stop supporting that kind of journals and so it was transformed into a closed community.I didn't want that so I got it changed back into a personal account.Now,if you had friended that account before,I'm afraid you'll have to friend it again as all those changes required a reset on the friends listings.So,if you want to keep reading about —or discover for the first time— all the wacky stuff I call my life,just add grunidomurmullo to your friends page (disclaimer:things posted there are usually in Spanish —if you don't undestand it,you still can look at the pictues I put there)

And I know that at least 2 of you people out there wanted to read this sort of postmodern fairy tale (?) story since I mentioned it some time ago,so here it is —Enjoy!
A Tale From The City 01
A Tale From The City 02
A Tale From The City 03
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