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Happy New Year!

Happy Rat Year
(brush,technical pen and digital media)

Happy New Year! Chinese calendar indicates this is 4705,Brown (Soil) Rat Year.The rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac,so that means that this year begins a whole new cycle.By the way,Chinese New Year day is on February 7th,but here in the American continent time zones new year's day is today (then again,right now it's already 7th in China,y'know).

Chinese folklore says that rats are alert,quick,ambitious and smart.Also,it is well known that they reproduce quite fast,so it is said that Rat Years are good for getting married and forming a family.And of course,there's always the wise advice of run away of buildings and ships without rats,because that's a sure sign that there's no security.And hey,people may think they are creepy,but if you look closely,you'll notice they are just like rabbits —only smaller,with shorter ears and longer tails.

Hope that this year of the rat treats you well and may be prosperous.
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