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¡¡¡Excelentérrimo Año Nuevo!!!

Abril 2008
(eco-friendly illo)

Chibi-AbrilSo,today begins a new year.And also,it's been 2,103,840 minutes more or less (that's 4 years) since I've been posting all the fun nonsense I usually do here in LJ.
So far it's been such a great ride —and this upcoming new cycle looks very promising.The only coherent thing I can say,as almost every new year,is thanks.Thanks for all the past and future things,and specialy to you,all the persons out there that I've met here,and those who keep following all the things posted.

Are you ready for another round? Great! Let's go and make this a year to remember through the ages!
Tags: abril, girls, greeting cards

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