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Daisy Dodo
(brush and digital color)

Has anyone else noticed how the most funny and interesting cartoon birds are usually flightless? Like chickens,domestic ducks,geese,penguins,ostriches and such.Probably it's the obvious irony that they have feathers but just can't use them to soar the sky.
On the other hand,it's odd that there are almost no dodos as cartoon birds.I mean,they are (were) already funny looking.Also,since they're extinct they have the same coolness factor dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures have.And then of course,let's not forget that there's a dodo in Alice In Wonderland —that should count as some classic value.
And since there are even less female cartoon dodos,well,as you can see,I just drew one.

Ah,and in a whole different order of ideas,seems like I forgot to post around here that you can find me in yet another internet network.This time I signed up at Behance,a creative community.If it amuses you,you can find and add me as a contact via www.behance.net/everyueveryme.
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