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Fly like a vulture...

(marker and digital color)

In another world, in another time
I can picture you and me together
If I close my eyes tight and think real hard
I can float lighter than a feather

If I try even harder who knows what I might find
Why maybe a pearl of wisdom
I would trade these pearls for a parcel of flesh
In flesh we were all invented
Is it time to play? said the ratboy to the ratgirl

Can we fly today, can we look here for some fresh kill
In concentric circles we'll carve up the sky
Looking for a big surprise
Fly like a vulture, fly like a vulture...

—Oingo Boingo

Actually I'm not sure if what I drew is a buzzard,a vulture,a zopilote,a gallinazo or just a goth turkey.Whatever —them all are black birds with featherless heads anyways.

A couple of plugs:if you're interested,I got myself a Facebook profile.I still have no idea what that website is about but if it amuses you go ahead and add as a friend or whatever it's supposed to.
Also,I've been included in the Illustration Mundo website (in fact,I'm not sure but it seems I'm still featured among the Editor's Choice).That's a pretty swell online catalog of illustrators so if you draw/paint/make art or simply enjoy eye-candy,surely you must take a look.
Tags: animals

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