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Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte
(eco-friendly image)

I made this illo since last month but thought it would be ad hoc posting it until today —cause today is Día de Muertos (that's Day Of The Dead).
The image represents Saint Death (Santa Muerte).A friend of mine wanted me to illustrate one of her articles since some time ago and opportunity came when she wrote an article about the cult of Santa Muerte.
Unfortunately the illo didn't saw print as her editor had second thoughts and in the end decided not to run the article (for the record,many people may not pray to Saint Death or even have faith in her at all,yet they are afraid of her and firmly believe that just talking about her may bring bad luck and,well,death).That was a shame since I think I was specially inspired when drawing the illo,so I'm posting it here anyways.

¡Feliz Día De Muertos!
Tags: animals, girls, myth

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