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«Let the battle cry be heard in the land,a shout of great destruction»

JLA Xtreme Line-up
(brush and technical pen —all characters ™ & © DC Comics)

Top 5 Reasons For Drawing This Kind Of Justice League Dream Team:
  1. Because as I always say and believe:there are no bad characters,only bad narrative developments (you'll notice I drew almost all characters smiling —and trust me,even Batman is happy and smiling behind his mask).
  2. Because since the Multiverse is back (or the 52 Elseworlds or whatever it is),there's a (boring) Nazi Earth...so,why not a (fun) Earth-1990s?
  3. Because sooner or later,someone who actually liked these versions of the characters back in the 90s,probably will become a professional at DC comics and bring back the concepts —so,better getting used to that idea,like,right now,so no one feels annoyed later when it finally happens.
  4. C’mon,Wouldn’t be fun seeing the Bizarro and/or Crime Syndicate of America versions of this JLA?
  5. Actually,I just wanted a companion piece for this other image I made last year
365 Cover
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