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Fatalysia #2 @ SPX 2007

Hanging Scarecrow
(brush and digital color)

Pixel ScarecrowWell then,the SPX is being held this Friday and Saturday at the Marriott Besthesda North Hotel & Conference Center.And there's a Fatalysia 1/2 table there.And there's also a brand new Fatalysia issue making its debut.
Anyway,Fatalysia #2 is scripted by Liam Kemp (bigredcheese),with letters and edition design by Chris Tabor,a cover by Myke Amend and guest art by Chad Thomas (chad_thomas) and Maritza Campos (maritzac) —and yeah,me in the interior art,but probably you already knew that part.
For all of you whom for one reason or another can't be at the SPX,there's still some fun.The Fatalysia website has been updated with lots of new art and some other goodies —including a full preview of the new issue.
Now,don't be shy and go visit us either at the show or at the website and don't forget to tell and bring all your friends
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