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small town/BIG CITY

small town/BIG CITY sample
(pen and marker)

small town/BIG CITY cover
This year,Young American Comics is publishing a new anthology project.Its title is small town/BIG CITY and as it clearly suggests,it's about stories that happen either in towns or cities.And as you can guess I have some participation in the book,with a short story about a little boy surviving in Mexico City's streets with the help of some magic rats —kind of.The upper image ( ↑) is a small sample.

This story ain't new at all since I made it quite some time ago.It was originally self-published in Spanish as a xerox edition but since only a handful of friends read it I think it still can be considered as a brand new,inedit story.
Well then,the book is available since this week.You can ask your local comic retailer,or buy the book at YAC's online shop.Or if you like best,the fine people of YAC will be at Wizard World Chicago.
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