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Inking Thor

Inking Thor
Thor ™ & © Marvel Characters Inc.
Inking Thor, original de -U!
(image via Flickr's «Blog This» function).

Well now,last month over at Flickr began this group project with the name of Re-Inking Thor.

The idea is using the pencils from one page from The Mighty Thor #144,and try inking it.Of course,there's a small challenge in this:the page was originally drawn by Jack "The King" Kirby.
As you can see,I made a couple of panels —if you're curious,the complete page is over here.My first idea was printing the pencils and then inking with a brush as I usually do,but since that ironically my printer ran out of ink cartridges I went with Plan B:doing the ink with the digital tablet.
Anyway,the change was a quite fun experiment,I must say.Not only because I'm a fan of The King's work,but you can't go wrong with drawing a powerful viking god of thunder with a cape and whacky hat with feathers,you know.

Ah,and don't forget to visit the group page at Flickr,as there're lots of interesting styles and versions of the same Kirby page by many other artists.
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