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Fatalysia Chapter II Preview Gallery

Fatalysia II Panel
(random dream panel from Fatalysia - brush and technical pen)

I've been doing lots of stuff these last weeks,but most important,I keep going forward with the next brand new chapter of Fatalysia.Posted here,is a panel from a dream sequence where once again,Susan has a strange encounter with this Scarecrow character that keeps haunting her.
It's been lots of fun drawing this,so Why not share it? So,I've created a special preview gallery over at my profile page at ComicSpace,where each week,every Tuesday,you'll be able to see a new textless page.Of course,the whole story,just like the previous chapters in the saga,will be available later this year at both the Small Press Expo and official Fatalysia website.
And the direct link for this preview thing is this:comicspace.com/u/comics.php?action=gallery&comic_id=88
Tags: fatalysia, girls

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