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Happy New Year!

Year Of The Pig
(brush and digital color)

Happy New Year!
This weekend begins the Chinese year of the Red (Fire) Boar —or pig if you like.
Chinese tradition indicates that pigs are very lucky animals,as they only worry about eating and sleeping all day.They may seem filthy,but actually pigs are very clean and quite intelligent,and many of them are quite cute and charismatic —just take a peek at Retrocrush's list of the greatest pigs in pop culture,as an example.

If you think the pig in the image looks familiar,it is because it's Zhu Bajie (or Pigsy),the legendary partner of Sun Wukong,a.k.a. the Monkey King from the Journey to the West story.That story,besides being a classic from Chinese floklore,it's a favorite story of mine,so the desition of drawing him was innevitable —and fun— as you can see.

A happy,prosperous New Year for all of you out there!
Tags: animals, girls, greeting cards

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