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You'll Never Die...

You'll Never Die...
(brush,pen and digital color —Eden Valley © Taki Soma)

So,this pic...blame it to ComicSpace. Since I joined that community last month,it's been a groovy place for discovering new comics and the talented people behind them.
Among them,there's this weekly online comic,You'll Never Die... by Taki Soma.

First time I read it,I thought it was like a Tarantino movie if it were done well (disclaimer:no,I still don't like Tarantino's movies...but I digress).
It's the tale of this girl named Eden Valley,as she seeks for the answers behind the murder and mysterious disappearance —in that order— of his boyfriend.Jean-Luc Godard once said that all you need for a movie is a girl and a gun...well,this ain't a movie,but it has an angry cute girl with a baseball bat looking for vengeance —that must count for a good story to read,ah? Oh,and did I mention the art is pretty? Well,it is,and it fits well with the noir atmosphere of the comic.

So,yes,I found the comic more than inspiring enough to make a small graphic tribute —and here it is,as you can see.
Tags: fan-art, girls

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