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Super Hero(ine)

Mary Marvel
(paperless fun —Mary Marvel ™ & © DC Comics)

It's been a while,but well,here's a brand new Illustration Friday pic.If I didn't any IF images in previous weeks was because either I was busy or the topics didn't inspire me at all.But this week's topic,well,I just couldn't resist,as it's Super Hero.

In recent days,I've been reading Jeff Smith's blog (boneville_feed),in anticipation of his upcoming miniseries Shazam!:The Monster Society Of Evil.With that kind of immediate inspiration,I just had to draw something Captain Marvel related,and then here's Mary Marvel just because she's more cute than the old Big Red Cheese (then again,maybe I'll draw him anyway later this week —them super-strong yet naive and noble characters are always fun to draw).
Tags: fan-art, girls, illustration friday, superheroes

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