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A Punk Girl And A Couple Of News

(brush,marker and digital post-production)

Item #1.-For one reason or another (mostly that I've been in workaholic mode —it's December,y'know) I didn't mention earlier that PixelStrips is now a free website.So,you won't need to pay any subscriptions anymore if you want to see all the archives of the strips,the special features or the tutorials...and that includes Big Iron,this weekly Western strip I draw.
If you missed the previous story arcs —or 'seasons' as I like to call them— this is your chance then:
Season 1:"The Long Good Night"
Season 2:"Howdy,Sheriff"
Season 3 (current):"The Trail"
Plus,there's the short mystic/cyberpunk story I wrote,which was illustrated by the talented Hector Germán:
Nor Prodigies Nor Dreams

Item #2.-I've joined ComicSpace —think MySpace,only better planned and made specially for people interested in comics.The website just launched this week and it's still in a very early stage but so far it promises to become something big,cool ad fun.Anyway,if you're interested,you can find/message/friend me at comicspace.com/u.
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