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I know,I know...I have not posted very much stuff over here lately.Well,I'm doing it now.
Ironically it also seems like it's been ages (months,actually) since I posted anything related with Tastes Like Chicken mag.It was for good though,as the website was being updated and redesigned —and now it looks great.
Anyway,today the December issue is online,and in its sketchbook feature the topic is Klimt.And as you can see,I made a little contribution.

Personally I'm more a fan of art deco than an art nouveau's,yet I had very much fun while doing this piece —from researching reference images to actually drawing (painting? designing?) it.

Posted here is a black and white of the "lineart".For the finished color image,just go to the Tastes Like Chicken website and find the brand new online issues section.You'll see the link for this month issue immediately,so click there and among the pretty swell articles and interviews,you'll find the Sketchbook mini-site.
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