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  Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 04:22 pm

Lei Lei
(digital media —Lei Lei/Hsien-Ko ™ & © Capcom Ltd.)

Well,after some weeks without one of these,here's a new Illustration Friday post.The topic for this week is Ghost.

Hsien-KoThis girl here is from the Darkstalkers game series and is known as Lei Lei in Japan and as Hsien Ko in Europe and America.I don't know why the change of names but as far as I know,Hsien-Ko actually means 'ghost' in one of the many Chinese dialects.Then again,there are lots of different kinds of undead creatures in Chinese mythology,and Lei Lei is more exactly a kuang shi,a reanimated dead body via mystic inchantations (I'm such a myths nerd,I know...).
Anyway,in the original games she's a funny character and her design is pretty original and cute so,besides the well-known fact that I'm a Darkstalkers fan,I guess it's obvious why I just couldn't let pass the chance to depict her.

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  Soundtrack: Road To Nowhere - Talking Heads  

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