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Avengers Assemble!

avengers BW
(brush and technical pen —all characters ™ & © Marvel Characters, Inc.)

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about all those funny cliches that every notorious superhero seems to have at least one:the teenage sidekick,the other self from an alternate world/dimension/time,the female counterpart,the bizarre evil twin...and of course,the ex-substitute with an attitude.
I know that many fans,critics and pros in the comic industry don't like these later ones as they usually were depicted way too grim and gritty for what a superhero is supposed to be and stand for.Still,as I said,it's a funny cliche if you don't take it seriously —I mean,c'mon,it's just action/adventure comics with bright colors we're talking here.

When talking about the more recent stuff Marvel Comics™ is producing,specially with their Civil War storyline and the current Avengers line-up (or line-ups...personally I'm a bit confused with all those New Avengers,Young Avengers,Mighty Avengers,Ultimate Avengers,etc...everything but the classic and basic Avengers y'know).
Then there was this idea of «What if the once substitute Avengers actually were the real New Avengers?».

And then,as you may guess,I took the day off and just had to draw something just for fun.And yes,I know that half of this line-up is dead or something but then again this has never been a problem with a long tradition of resurrections and inherited mantles,isn't it?

avengers color
Tags: covers, fan-art, girls, superheroes

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