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Fatalysia @ SPX 2006

Fatalysia Promo
Fatalysia Promo, image hosted by -U!'s Flickr account
(brush,technical pen and digital color —Fatalysia © Liam Kemp,Chris Tabor & -U!)

Well,if you're into comic books,surely you know that tomorrow the SPX kicks off.
And this year,there's a new Fatalysia book,which will be available at its own 1/2 table in the expo.32 pages will a new edition of all previous stuff,plus a new story.Lots of fun featuring tragic heroines,evil stepmothers,mysterious scarecrows,cute Jack O'lanterns and mischievous flower imps.
Unfortunately I won't be there,but Liam a.k.a. bigredcheese a.k.a. the guy who wrote it sure will be (along with Kit a.k.a. fortyhumans a.k.a. his helpful and supportive girlfriend).
So don't be shy and drop by,say «Hi» and grab and your copy before we all become famous and stuff (it's possible,you know...).

Not attending the SPX,you say? No prob! Tomorrow,just right when the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center opens its doors for the show,the Fatalysia website will get an update,with some new contents in its Gallery section so you can still have some of the fun.
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