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Supes - Original Suit
Supes - Black Suits
(pen,brush and digital media —Superman ™ & © DC Comics)

Mini-SupesOnce again,here's a new Illustration Friday post (also the last illo in the Superman series...by now).This week's theme is Opposites.

Yeah,I know that the actual opposite —in all senses— of Superman is Bizarro.But even as Bizarro is a very funny character,I wanted to take a different approach.
You see,Superman is quite a sunny happy character.Those primary colors in the classic suit are pretty obvious.Yet it's a bit odd that sooner or later,many artists and producers seem to like to see him in a black costume.
Sometimes they just use a darker hue of blue in the classic suit.Sometimes they use lots of shadows.And there are also times when the Man Of Steel is actually using a black costume —hey,in fact there was a black costume in the recent movie.Well,here are some other black suits worn by Superman,and besides being opposites to the bright colors of the original costume (notice they are mostly capeless),they represent some opposite characterizations,like a powerless Superman,an old one,a bitter and resentful one,etc. —if you're nerdy enough,you may be able to name the stories and versions from where each black suit is from (except for the first in the upper row,the pseudo-goth one —that's a personal design,based upon a cartoon I made years ago,when the first director specuated for the movie was Tim Burton).
Tags: fan-art, illustration friday, pixel art, superheroes

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