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Sacrifice (and a plug too)

(brush and technical pen —words by Liam Kemp bigredcheese)

So,this is a new Illustration Friday pic —and this week's topic is Sacrifice.Also,it's a new Fatalysia piece...boy,it's been a while,ah?

Well then,these panels you see,are actually a small teaser of the new chapter —a prequel,to be precise— in this project.The little ghost with the big eyes does some sort of sacrifices at one moment or another,but actually I decided to post this (besides of the shameless self-promotion) cause this comic book project has been a sacrifice itself.
You see,doing this kind of stuff takes time and effort.Specially if you already have a time-demanding job.So sometimes you need to do some sacrifices in order of following a dream.It can be hard (and tiring...and a bit expensive...and stressful...and y'get the idea —some of you out there sure know how is this) but I guess I don't need to say that so far,it's been worthy,fun and plenty of satisfaction for every single minute.
Hopefully this little project with all its Scarecrows,ghosts,imps,living pumpkins and tragic heroines will soon find a home with a publisher.In the meantime,well,I'm drawing this new story that should be ready on time for the next SPX (stay tuned —be sure I'll let you know when it's time).

But wait —there's still a plug:
Some months earlier,I announced and posted another small teaser,about a short story I made for this indie anthology titled The Big Ol' Book of BIZMAR (that stands for Bunnies,Insects,Zombies,Monkeys,Aliens and Robots).

Well,the book is finaly ready and will make its debut this very next weekend at the San Diego Comic Con.So,if you're there,visit the Young American Comics table,and pick a copy (in the central Small Press area --Q-9 section,near the back escalators as I've been told).
If you can't be there,YAC will have another table,2 weeks later (August 3-6),in Artist's Alley at Wizard World Chicago.
If you like best,you can ask your local comic retailer,or buy the book at the online shop.

This was just for fun,so probably you may like it too.
Tags: fatalysia, illustration friday, prosa-fantasia

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