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(technical pen,brush and some extra little help from Leonardo DaVinci for the background [well,kind of...])

After a little delay,a new issue of Tastes Like Chicken online edition is finally online.And yes,one again I made an illo for its sketchbook feature.
The topic for this month is Anatomy.

It's odd the way that in many classic cartoons,electricity seems to be like X-rays.Personally I've never seen that effect in real life —not even when I was 4 years old and actually put my little fingers right over a live wire (I was such a curious brat...I burned my hand,but couldn't see any bones though).Oh swell,I guess it does't matter at all if it's a real effect or not,as it still keeps being a fun visual gag.

As I always do with pics for Tastes Like Chicken,what I posted here is the black and white lineart.
If you want to take a peek at the finished piece in color —along with the rest of collaborations (they are quite good actually)— you only need to point your browser to TLChicken.com and find the link for the current issue.And among the pretty swell articles and interviews,there you'll find the Sketchbook mini-site.
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