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  Friday, June 30th, 2006 10:54 pm

What The--?
(blue and black pencil —Superman & Lois Lane ™ & © DC Comics;Pikachu ™ & © Nintendo)

Top row —Reason Nº 82 Why There Ain't Mexican Super-Heroes...
(and reason Nº 1 why Superman stoped being electric...)
Superman —Let me go,you sickly cute mouse!! I've already told you that I may be electric but I'm not your mom!! Shoo! Shoo!
LoisØØØO-ooo-oh Cla-aa-aark!ØØØ The fuses overloaded and I still need to iron your clothes! So go limp and think about Christmas,'cause there goes the plug!
Small text in the arrow —Super-Wrinkled clothes
Text in the frame —Fortress Of Solitude,Sweet Home

Electric Supes SpriteWell,it's time for a new Illustration Friday entry (and a new illo and sprite in the Superman series).This week's theme is Sticky.

In this gag,you may notice that Pikachu seems to have some kind of sticky powers.But then again,the Man Of Tomorrow™ was in some sticky moments himself when he became an electric humanoid back in 1996 —that's when I drew this piece.
The cartoon is actually part of a series of 100 with jokes about what would happen if American super-heroes behaved like typical Mexican people (the whole series are available at the 100 Razones Por Las Cuales No Existen Superhéroes Mexicanos website...only in Spanish,i'm of these days I should make an English version maybe).
By the the time I drew this gag in particular,Superman and Lois Lane were married and the former just returned to his classic self after having electric powers —so I kind of visualized why Superman changed his powers again,after being kind of comfortable as a flying electric smurf for quite some time.
Back then,many fans thought that the change was a bad idea...but personally I liked it.You know,it was obvious that the Man Of Steel™ wasn't going to electric forever and anyways,that kind of kitschy sillyness it's what makes super-hero comic books fun.

Edit:Just a little bonus for the sake of kitschy sillyness...
Electric Supes Sprite - Animated

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