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More Powerful Than A Locomotive

Superman - sketch
(common pen + digital pen —Superman ™ & © DC Comics)

Supermegaman - sprite Well,as I threatened announced some months ago,I'll be posting a series of Superman-related pics,only cause there's a new movie out there —and also I'm a fan since as I can remember.I grew up watching the cartoons and movies and reading all the Spanish translations of the classic Swanderson comic books.In fact,I learned to read with them along with some Donald Duck and Wody Wodpecker comics.Heck,I even had my own button-up red cape with a yellow logo (I was a spoiled kid and my mother didn't like me using her clean towels and bed sheets for playing outside).

About the new movie,I saw it last Monday —I already posted a personal review over here,but I'm afraid it's only in Spanish.Anyway,I liked it,but there were some details that I didn't like at all,but hope to see them fixed on the reglamentary Special Edition DVD.Still,the more important stuff,the optimism,hope,heroism and inspiration is there and guess that's the important thing.

As for the illos in this post,the first one is from my sketchbook.I can't remember where exactly I drew it but probably it was while I was traveling by subway.The sprite is just the product of being such a fanboy of Superman and Mega Man videogames
Tags: fan-art, pixel art, superheroes

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