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T-Rex vs Dragon
(pen,marker and digital shenanigans)

And here’s yet another Illustration Friday post.This week's theme is Rain.

Personally I just love rainy days —I'm only happy when it rains,Shirley Manson dixit.Rain brings me cool and fun memories...like T-Rexes.
You know,in Disney's Fantasia,in the part with the dinosaurs,the T-Rex shows up when it begins to rain.And in Jurassic Park,it's raining again when the T-Rex appears.
Well then,you may guess I was a bit dissapointed when in Animal Planet's Dragons mockumentary there's a T-Rex fighting a prehistoric dragon...but there's no rain.It was a cool scene anyway (you simply can't go wrong with a hungry T-Rex AND an angry dragon),but hey,rain could have made it better.And so,I drew this sketch of the fight in the way it should had been,at least in my head anyways.
Tags: animals, dinosaurs, fan-art, illustration friday, myth

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