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(mixed media...inks mostly)

Oh yeah...It's yet another late Illustration Friday entry (too much work...silly me,I thought slavery was abolished in 1810...oh swell).The topic this time,as you can see is Jungle.

Well,you know that many people say that cities are like a jungles and such.Mexico City is like one indeed,but its subway is just like a jungle beneath the jungle.Many people don't like the subway...but I do.If you keep your eyes and mind open,it can be a really fun experience.Then again,I'm just way too much optimistic sometimes.
Now,there's a train every 2 or 3 minutes and they always stop at stations,but it's a common,silly joke to make signals to the train as if it were a car and you were a hitchhicker.That's the idea behind this old pic:it depends of you if you want to be bored by daily routine or if you go a little step further and make it fun.

I made this image (actual size:50 cm x 32 cm) as a school project,quite some time ago —the date is "hidden" in the train code number.Ah,and yes,the girl in this illo is an early design of my character Abril.Nowadays she has black hair and white gloves but you can see that the basic design and attitude was already there.
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