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Cho Kawaii!

(technical pen and digital color —Butterfly © Dean Trippe)

So this pic...well,Dean Trippe (dryponder) made a contest about creating an alternate version of his character Butterfly (butterflycomics).As you may clearly see,I couldn't resist it.

So here's Kawaii Hero Kamen Batafurai —that's Japanese for Cute Hero Masked Butterfly.Besides a long name,he has some other characteristic details usual in many self-respecting Japanese classic super-hero:wacky gravity-defying hair,big cute eyes,a long scarf instead of a cape,silly kung-fu moves and of course,his own giant robot (Mothra-inspired,of course) to ride everywhere and fight evil kaiju with.
I could have posted this illo since I made it last month,but I decided to wait until the winners of the contest were announced —I made the runner-up list.The other contestants were terrific,and the first place winners made some really awesome and inspiring designs.You can take a peek at all those entries over here.

A big 'Thank You' goes to Dean for liking my entry enough to include it be among the other runner-ups.And to all of you that still don't read Butterfly...What are you waiting for? It's a realy fun comic —you won't regret.
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