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  Thursday, June 8th, 2006 03:58 pm

(brush and digital color)

It's Thursday,yet it doesn't matter at all when doing a Illustration Friday post (no,this time I didn't want to try something different by posting later than usual,I simply was a bit busier than usual).
Anyway,the theme for this week is Portrait.

So,this turtle...his name is Torcuato and is one of them lots of characters I've created for fun.Since part of the idea of making portraits is to reflect not just resemblances but personalities,I thought this pic counts as a full-lenght portrait,even if the character portrayed is completely fictional.
Also,well,I just wanted an excuse for announcing something I forgot to do —at least in this LJ (here comes the shameless plug...):I've signed up at Mojizu,an online community/gallery for characters —or moji,as they are called there.You can see the stuff I've uploaded there just visiting my profile.Probably you'll find some known 'faces' that I have drawn or keep drawing (and if you're interested,there's opportunity to buy some stuff with them printed on —hey,I said this was a shameless plug).
As many of you already know,I have lots of characters,so expect to see more uploads there in the future.Oh,and if you also draw and/or design and join,don't forget to let me know,so I can give you a visit.

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