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Angels & Devils

(technical pen,marker and digital color)

Well,it's that time of the week again:Illustration Friday.The assignment for this week is Angels & Devils.

As it's been a while since I've posted some horror pics around here,I'll skip the 'angel' part and just show the devil.
I always tought that the classic,iconic image of the devil with horns and red skin was more cute than horrific.Sure,maybe lots of people in ancient ages may be horrified of such a creature,but after reading too many Hot Stuff and Daredevil comic books and watching too many cartoons with that cliche of the small angel and devil in the shoulders,well,you can't take very seriously at all a humanoid red creature with horns.
So,in this pic I tried to portray a true creepy red devil.It looks more like a raksasa (Indonesian demon) with a pink wig than a traditional Occidental devil but I guess the idea of an evil demon from Hell is clear —and not another cute cliche.
Tags: illustration friday, myth

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