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Tattoo Redux

(technical pen,brush and digital media)

«Penguins is practically chickens»...surely you may remember that line from that classic Chuck Jones' Bugs Bunny cartoon with that penguin that had a top hat.Ever since I saw that short I've always thought of penguins as kind of goth chickens.Anyway,in a ironic and funny way (?!) I made this illo for the sketchbook feature in the newest online edition of Tastes Like Chicken mag.

The theme is Tattoo.A couple of months ago,that very same topic was part of Illustration Friday so I wanted to take a whole different approach from the pic I made then.
My first idea was about how tattoos can be so ironic,as they are something meant to make you different from everyone else,but still many people have some tattoos with generic designs.Then I had some random ideas about street art being kind of tattoos for walls,and penguins being very similar to each other.And well,the rest is history as you can see.

Probably you already know the drill with these kind of pics,but if that's not the case,let me tell you that what's posted here is just the raw black and white lineart.If you want to take a peek at the complete,colored piece,just visit TLChicken.com and look for the current issue.There,among some pretty swell articles and interviews (don't forget to read them,too),you'll find the Sketchbook mini-site.
Tags: animals, girls, tastes like chicken

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