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Big Iron Season II

Big Iron 2 B&W
Big Iron 2 color
(technical pens and marker;script,colors and lettering by Kevin Volo)

I've been working a lot these last days and forgot to let you know that last week,over at PixelStrips,this strip I'm doing drawings for,Big Iron began a new story arc —or as I like calling it,Season II.
Posted here is the first episode of this second season.New episodes will be on air weekly.It'll be a short story and self-contained,so if you didn't read the first episodes,you won't have any trouble understanding what's going on in the story.Season I is still available,as a subscription archive though (it's not expensive and you can read all the other past strips at the site).

Well,gotta go now —I still have some chores to do...
Tags: comics, prosa-misc

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