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DOUBLE FEATURE:Robots and some other things

As a special offer for this week,you can see 2 pics for the price of just only one entry.
And this time,this Double Feature post is mostly about robots,monkeys,apes and paranoia.

Kong vs Kong
(digital media —King Kong ™ & © Universal Studios;Mekanikong ™ & © Toho Co.,Ltd)

Yet again it's time for some Illustration Friday doodles.This week’s topic is Robot.

After doing that Godzilla vs Zilla pic some weeks ago,I wanted to do one more illo in the same style and technique.So,once again,here’s an American kaiju fighting a Japanese one —actually a giant robot but let’s keep the fun and don’t mind technicisms.
The robotic gorilla is Mekanikong (a.k.a. Mechani Kong,a.k.a. Mechni-Kong) and he appeared in the Japanese movie King Kong Escapes.Even though the character is kind of a Mecha-Godzilla rip-off,it was pretty cool anyway —you just can’t go wrong with a mecha that is also a giant monkey,ah?

And now,let's go with our 2nd pic for today...

(brush and digital screen tones)

Do you remember the LJ Batgirl meme from months ago? Well,because of that silly pic,this guy named Tod C. Parkhill (scooterboy1234) from Young American Comics invited me to do something for their BIZMAR indie anthology.So I made a short story (two pages) and well,guess what? It got selected and will get printed in the book.

BIZMAR is an acronym that stands for Bunny,Insect,Zombie,Monkey,Alien and Robot.The challenge was to make a short story featuring every of those creatures,one way or another.
So,here are two random panels as a small teaser.The first is the one with the requested robot and the other has a couple of bunnies.I would like to post a full page,but as I said,I only made 2 pages and don’t want to spoil half the story.Still,you may guess that the plot is about paranoia...actually that’s the title of the story I made.
The book will be published later this year —supposedly it’ll be ready on time for the San Diego ComiCon,but don’t worry,I’ll let you know when the book is available at stores.
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